"Tennis players interested in joining our academy will receive high quality training on and off the court. Junaided Academy understands that there are many aspects involved in the development of a tennis player. We will help provide an opportunity for players to improve every one of these aspects working with a team of professionals.“

Rameez Junaid

Tennis for life

Our vision is a tennis academy which focuses on the holistic promotion of body and spirit. We train players of any age with a high-performance team and assist them through sporting highs and lows. Years of training and a few tournaments make way towards professional tennis but that is not a strong base to be a pro.

In order that performance does not stagnate, children and young people require a personal training plan, a motivational environment in which they can recharge and thus not lose their fun in tennis.

Interacting with professionals, a coach who supplies encouragement and parents who do not have to worry that young players will overreach themselves, are our directives. 

Adult players are also supported in their training by the Junaided Tennis Academy. We put special emphasis on the preventive benefits of tennis and athletic training. 

Individual training

  • coaching focused on each individual player
  • technical training 
  • tactical and strategic training

Group Training

  • coaching focused in a group setup (max. 6 players)
  • technical & tactical training for singles and doubles
  • promotion of teamwork

Price on request: kontakt@junaided.com