Stringing Service

Junaided Stringing Service

Available at OTC !

Do you want to string a racket at the Junaided Academy?

Leave your racket in the designated locker in the women's or men locker room. Pick up the key to the locker at the club restaurant Ess:Zimmer, opening hours are Mon-Sat from 16.00-0.00 and Sun 12.00-0.00. Please fill out the information at the delivery note and attach it with a rubber band to the racket.

Then write an email to

The Academy will take care of everything else and will inform you as soon as the racket will be done. You can pick it up again from the locker.

For cash payment please use an envelope , write your name on it and throw it in the attached mailbox.


  • Strung racket within 72 hours

     18 EUR VAT included  (with own string)

  • Strung racket within 24 hours :

     24 EUR VAT included (with own string)  

  •  Strings of the Junaided Academy :

     Brand and prices on request

We offer a delivery service within the city of Offenbach for 10 EUR. 

The rackets can also be submitted to a coach of the Academy or write us an email to

Your Junaided Team